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11. Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT)

Partner Leaders : Spike Willcocks

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Oxford Nanopore Technologies was founded in 2005 as a spin-out from Professor Hagan Bayley's laboratory at the University of Oxford. The Company is developing a revolutionary DNA sequencing system that gives direct electrical identification of DNA bases in sequence, using a protein nanopore coupled with a processive enzyme. Oxford Nanopore has additional collaborations with other leading academics in the nanopore field, and expects to evolve future generations of nanopore sequencing systems.

Tasks in project will include :

  • Coordination of Workpackage 4.
  • Exonuclease nanopore sequencing.
  • Integration of Protein Channels in Solid State Apertures.
  • Droplet-based bilayer arrays in miniaturised devices for clinical diagnostics.
  • Single Molecule Methlyometer.

Tight collaboration with Hagan Bayley one of the founders of Oxford Nanopore Technologies.