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Workpackage 1: Term Innovations - ancillary elements for 2nd generation sequencers

  List of Tasks in WP1
  1. 'MegaPlex PCR'
    Targeted amplification using primers on a solid surface.
  2. 'Selectors'
    Targeted amplification in solution via DNA circularisation.
  3. 'Hybridisation Enrichment'
    Benchmarking to evaluate pros, cons, efficiencies, and peculiarities of current methods.
  4. 'Rare Mutation Enrichment'
    Recover rare somatic mutations from clinical DNA samples.
  5. 'Amplified Single-Molecule Arrays'
    Creating sequencing substrates in situ via Selector driven DNA circularisation.
  6. 'Standardizing Data Output and Bioinformatic Strategies'
    Define a standard data format for 2nd generation sequencers.
  7. 'Definition of ethical standards for info from 1st/2nd/3rd generation DNA analyzers'
    With ethico-legal experts, analyse key issues and publish findings.