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Workpackage 2: Near Term Innovations - improvement and extension of existing methods

  List of Tasks in WP2
  1. 'riboPCR MS sequencing'
    Provision of a single step automated procedure for DNA sequencing by mass spectrometric analysis.
  2. 'HLA typing'
    Provision of a cost-efficient method for medium to high-resolution HLA typing.
  3. 'DASH'
    Provision of a flexible and highly robust array-based sequencing method for resequencing substantial size fragments.
  4. 'DattArrays'
    Provision of a method to carry out sequencing and genotyping reactions in 5-50 pl volumes.
  5. 'Risk profiling of multifactorial diseases by MALDI mass spectrometry'
    Risk profiling procedure that includes SNPs, CNVs, and RNA expression analysis.