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Workpackage 5: New Genotyping Challenges

  List of Tasks in WP5
  1. 'CNV analysis using oligo-based dynamic array-CGH'
    Develop protocols for targeted array-based CNV analysis.
  2. 'Multiplexed targeted copy-number assays'
    Application of multiplex ligation-based genome amplification (MLGA) methodology for CNV analysis.
  3. 'Precise copy number assays using amplified single-molecule detection'
    Validation of task 2.
  4. 'Somatic mutations in high background'
    Accurate genotyping of somatic mutations in the presence of a high level of wildtype DNA molecules
  5. 'In situ genotyping'
    Development of multiplexed in situ genotyping method.
  6. 'In situ sequencing'
    Development of multiplexed in situ sequencing method.
  7. 'Haplotypes'
    Development of a oligonucleotide ligation based method for haplotype determination.
  8. 'Genome-wide DNA methylation analysis'
    Development of a method for genome-wide differential DNA methylation analysis.
  9. 'Multiplexed targeted epigenetic assays'
    Development of an MLGA based procedure for epigenetic analysis.