Work Packages

CAGEKID unites clinical and epidemiological skills and resources together large-scale infrastructure for genetics and genomics across Europe to make a major contribution to international efforts to decipher the cancer genome. To implement the programme, we have designed a series of interlocked Work Packages.


WP No. Work package title Lead participant short name
WP 1 Sample collection, annotation & verification UNIVLEEDS
WP 2 Preparation and storage of samples for genomic analysis IARC
WP 3 Primary data generation - Mutation detection, expression and DNA methylation analysis based on 2nd generation sequencing CNG
WP 4 Validation of identified molecular alterations in an enlarged sample cohorts CNG
WP 5 Data management and informatics EBI (EMBL)
WP 6 Data analysis and bioinformatics CNG
WP 7 Antibodies to genomically-defined targets KTH
WP 8 Ethical and societal dimensions INSERM
WP 9 Management CEPH
WP 10 Training & dissemination activities CEPH